Leaving on a Jet Plane

October 23, 2008

Yes, this time tomorrow, my family of three will be in Miami, Florida for a long weekend visit. Oh, how I wish that I could just blink my eyes, snap my pony-tail and teleport us there like Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeanie. Alas, no. We must get ourselves and our all of our “stuff” to the airport and make the journey like the rest…one “fasten seatbelt” sign at a time.

I know, I know, the settlers before us would take years to make a cross-country journey such as this with their wagons, their livestock and every earthly possesion in tow. The gravestones of these early pioneers mark the way, proving just how arduous this journey was. We have it easy in good ol’ 2008, with the swipe of a plastic little card, a promise to pay that bill someday, an appearance at the airport–we board these giant metal birds and take flight. Modern-day airplane travel is, no doubt, time travel.

So, my plan is to take Clare to the beach, for her first ever experience with the ocean and sand. I know she’ll love it–she’s the kid that loves to sit in the sand box and dump sand on herself, in her shoes, on her neighbor sitting nearby. Of course, the weather will need to cooperate for this excursion, and right now forecasts predict thunderstorms for most of the weekend.

Regardless, we’ll be spending some quality-time with Clare’s great-grandparents who are 92 and 89 years old. There is nothing better than seeing four generations together in the same room and I am a lucky person to be able to experience this for and with my daughter. I don’t expect that Clare will remember these visits, but the proof is in the pictures and we’ll have plenty of those to show her one day.

Think good thoughts and dry weather for us. And, more importantly, a soundly sleeping baby on both cross-country flights.

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