November 3, 2008

Clare has shown some early interest in the potty for some time now. During a September visit by her grandparents, Ninni and Granddad, Clare actually peed for the first time in the potty. Nevermind the fact Justin and I were in Denver for a little “getaway” time and missed the momentous event!

To reward Clare for the occasional potty performance, we give her exactly one dark chocolate M&M, which is enough to put her into a blissful state for at least 2.5 minutes. Prior to going potty, while sitting on the potty, and afterwards (whether she’s gone to the bathroom or not) she requests her “em-ems, which is so damn cute, it is hard not to just give her the whole stinking bag.

Last night, Clare donned her hand-made-by-Ninni dragon costume and we headed up to the high school in our neighborhood, where the student government put on a Halloween party for the little kids. We had promised Clare that if she held out her Halloween bag, that kind people would give her “em-ems.” Enough said…she headed straight to the car.

At the school, there were rooms set up for arts and crafts, an inflated purple spider, and candy at every turn. Clare took it all in stride and wandered from classroom to classroom eager to see what each had in store. Her costume, of course, was a big hit.

Friday night, we picked Clare up early from daycare and got her back into her green scaly suit to head to Pearl Street, where Halloween mayhem was going down. It seemed like every kid in Boulder and beyond was on the pedestrian mall with every possible costume imaginable. The stores were all giving out candy, but after squeezing our way into the crowds to collect one tootsie roll, we decided to cruise along aimlessly instead and visit with friends we ran into along the way.

At home, we greeted the trick-or-treaters as a family (poor Logan was locked in our bedroom), and Clare got a big ol’ kick out of seeing the kids at the door. In addition to candy, I picked up some inexpensive glowsticks at the dollar store this year and handed those out to the appreciative visitors. Clare, Justin and I locked ourselves up in her dark room at one point that early evening and waved our glowsticks in the air. The electric blue light, reminiscent of raves gone by, was a big hit with Clare.

All-in-all, Halloween was a big success this year. We all ate too much candy, Clare had fun in costume and no one broke down in tears. Bring on Thanksgiving…

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