Pink Eye

November 12, 2008

After a great family weekend, Clare returned to daycare on Monday this week. Monday was a big day in our family because it was also the first day of Justin’s new job at Gorilla Logic.

In a carefully thought out orchestration of cars and carseats, I took Justin’s car (sans carseat) to work and Justin dropped off Clare at daycare en-route to work. All was well until I got a call from one of Clare’s teachers at noon telling me that Clare has pink eye and I need to pick her up (within the hour). Oh geez. I was at work, without a carseat, while Justin was at his new job (day #1) with the Subaru. Thanks to our friend, Greg Wirt, and his car seat for Clare’s buddy, George, we were rescued from our bind.

Clare was a mess, both emotionally and physically with the goopy eyeballs and all. She was definitely out of sorts and not at all her happy little self. I brought her home and promptly put her down for her afternoon. After 3 hours of solid sleeping, my little one woke up in a better mood–thankfully.

After two days, four sets of eye drops, and four m&ms (a post-eye drop treat), Clare’s eyes are much better. So much so, that today, on our day off together, Clare and I hit up the Children’s Museum of Denver, where we had a great time “fishing,” climbing through “underground tunnels” like ants, and painting in the “artist’s studio.” We both wish the museum were closer to Boulder!

Lots of other stuff going on, but more to come on that in the coming weeks.

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November 13th, 2008

Poor Clare, glad she’s on the road to recovery. And congrats to Justin! I can’t believe you failed to mention this nugget of good news.

November 15th, 2008

Just bumped into your site from a So fun to see Clare and to hear about the pink eyeballs. Hi!

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