Girls’ Weekend

January 21, 2009

This past holiday weekend, I spent two nights in Frasier, Colorado (just outside of Winter Park) with 7 of my girlfriends for what has become an annual winter event, “Girls’ Weekend.” To be frank, I wasn’t even looking forward to this year’s weekend seeing as A) I cannot snowboard because of the pregnancy, B) I cannot drink or smoke because of this pregnancy, and C) Eight grown women were going to be sharing a tiny 2-bedroom condo.

I knew, however, that I would have fun once there and that I would most definitely regret not attending if I decided to stay home and sit this one out. I was, fortunately, right on the money with that call. I had a great time with these women and despite the physical and dietary restrictions I was faced with, I managed to still laugh my ass off Saturday night to the point of tears. Oh, how I love that feeling. To laugh so hard that you teeter on the edge of not being able to breathe while tears leak from your face as if you’d just chopped three onions. All this while sober!

Recharging your battery is one of the best things you can possibly do for both yourself and your family. The old adage is 100% true– absence does make the heart grow fonder. Of course, hearing about other people’s lives, spouses, worries, etc. also helps to put things in perspective for me. I am reminded that I have a great life. My husband is rock-solid and loves me like nobody’s business. He is completely hands-on with our daughter, is incredibly tolerant of me and my moods and idiosyncrasies. I am one lucky lady and just going away for two quick nights helps remind me of that.

Being away from Clare was good for us both, too. Of course, as a woman with working-mother’s guilt, I felt badly about taking time away from Clare on the weekend, which is when I am able to spend the most time with her. But, she and I both did fine and our reunion on Sunday afternoon was sweeter for it.

Life is a train ride that moves at high speed. This past weekend, I got off the fast train for a little “day trip” with my girls and was able to reflect on the journey, check in with myself and my good friends. Thanks to Michele for hosting and a delicious dinner, Cyndi for driving and causing that crying laughter, Miche for the always good company, Kim for the amazing cookies and snacks, Christina for the new cd, Marge for snowshoeing company on Saturday, and Beth for fun family anecdotes. You ladies rock.

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