Getting bigger and getting bitchy

February 9, 2009

I’m currently in my 23rd week of this pregnancy and I feel like I’m in my 33rd week. I know it’s true when “they” say that the second time around women show a lot earlier in pregnancy. Not only am I displaying a round belly, but all of the other glorious pregnancy side effects are coming to fruition such as shortness of breath, walking differently, having to sleep with pillows wedged every which way in bed (poor Justin), and the one that my husband is really loving (not) these days…bitchyness.

Not sure why Mother Nature decided to throw such a whammy our way when the art of pregnancy was designed, but I have to tell you that we could probably all do without the mood swings in this house. Afterall, we do already have a toddler living with us and while we don’t embrace the behavior, we are okay with attributing her crazy-sometimes-bipolar antics to being (almost) two years old. I have only pregnancy to blame. And even though that seems a legitimate culprit, god forbid if anyone (Justin) other than ME is able to point it out.

In other news, Clare has been amazing us every week with the expansion of her vocabulary. It is really hilarious and so much fun as a parent to hear what your child has to say and the thoughts that jump around in their mind. Her memory is like that of an elephant’s, which is also astounding.

For the past few weeks, Clare has been sleeping in her “big girl” bed. We had two goals we hoped to accomplish prior to the arrival of baby #2–move Clare out of the crib and into her recently acquired twin bed and graduate Clare from diapers to the potty. So far, we’ve accomplished the bed goal…we’re waiting until after her second birthday to work on potty training.

I have to admit though that I was pretty nervous about the crib/bed transition. As with most milestone events in Clare’s life, I tend to overanalyze, research, speak with friends with kids about their experiences, etc. Fortunately, my daughter is an adaptable little bugger and she took to the new twin bed (and the new space it afforded for jumping) like a fish to water. After the first three uneventful days, we disassembled her crib completly and retired it to the utility room to await its new inhabitant this summer. I have a feeling, unfortunately, that potty training might not go as smoothly!

Two weeks ago, we had a visit from my brother, Simon, over his birthday weekend at the end of January. Clare had a fantastic time with “Uncle,” and was a fantastic sport with him–giving up hundreds of hugs and kisses on-demand. We hit up the Denver Zoo one day and then the pool for swimming on another. Simon treated us to an amazing dinner one night while Clare stayed home with a babysitter. It was a wonderful visit and we look forward to his return this summer when the newest Shacklette arrives.

This Saturday we are headed back to the airport for another trip to Florida-this time to Miami to see my family, especially my grandparents. Last visit we kept a pretty low-profile. This time around we need to get in lots of family time and are looking forward to seeing aunts, uncles and cousins. We’re also hoping to visit the Miami Seaquarium one day and the Coconut Grove Arts Festival on another. The journey should be an improvement on our last airplane trip since Clare will have her very own seat on the plane. We have ALL been looking forward to that!

To see some of the last few weeks, check out these pictures:

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February 12th, 2009

Awww, it’s ok to be a little bitchy sometimes. Especially pregnancy times. We’re looking forward to a nice night out with you guys when you get back. Safe travels!

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