Snow Day

March 26, 2009

Today, Boulder is getting one of its famous spring storms. Already it’s snowed eight or nine inches, I think, and more is expected. This moisture is welcome though since the past many months have been so dry here. So dry, in fact, that we actually had to drag out the hose and water our precious trees. Of course, it is to be expected that last weekend the weather was gorgeous with temperatures in the low 70s and now it’s dumping snow and in the 30s. Ah…Boulder.

We managed to get Clare outside this morning after 10 minutes of getting her in her snow gear. The trip outside lasted about half the time…and she was D-O-N-E after five minutes of snow blowing in her face. Poor kid. If only she would learn to love sunglasses, she might have been a little happier. Oh well. We returned to our cozy home and toasted our five minute expedition with some freshly made hot chocolate. With that, Clare was happy.

In the last few weeks Clare has really begun to come into her “twos.” As if she needed any further reason, other than being the daughter of a sensitive personality such as yours truly, the “twos” have made her even more sensitive. Her emotions are worn on the sleeve and it doesn’t take much for the dark clouds to roll in quickly and rain on us all. Justin and I just look at each other during moments like this with our eyes wide with disbelief. Thankfully, the storms pass as quickly (most of the time) as they arrive and we are able to regroup and go about our merry way again.

Clare’s latest has been singing “Rock a Bye Baby” to her doll, Emma, which is damn cute. She has also, in the last month or so, grasped the concept of what it means to make a joke. She’ll do little things here and there to elicit a laugh from Mommy and Daddy and it’s priceless. Yesterday, while we were in bed reading books together (a wonderful morning ritual we’ve developed), Clare was sucking her thumb. I asked her what her thumb tasted like and she said, “fruit snacks.”

The Shacklettes were recently here for a visit and Clare had a great time reconnecting with her grandparents. This visit taught me that no matter how considerate and wonderful and thoughtful and easy-going a houseguest can be, it’s tough to have houseguests…period. It makes me a little worried for what this summer will be like when our house becomes a hotel with both families coming for visits to “help” with the new baby. I guess we’ll just have to play our cards and see how it goes.

Baby #2 is growing and doing just fine, thankfully. I visited my OB-GYN yesterday and while the weigh-in about crushed me mentally, it was nice to hear that the little guy/girl is growing exactly on target (29cm size belly). I am in my 29th week now, so only 11 more to go. It’s a little crazy to think that this belly is going to get bigger, because it surely will.

Yesterday, I also had a massage with my favorite massage therapist in town, Kala Spangler, thanks to a thoughtful gift certificate from my in-laws at Christmas. For 75 minutes, I was rubbed down like royalty and the baby seemed to enjoy it, too–kicking up a storm for a good half of the session. Seriously, if I had zillions of dollars, I would hand out hour-long massages to my friends as tokens of love. Everyone needs to experience this kind of body work. It’s unbelievably wonderful. After the massage, Kala told me that she was getting a very strong “boy” vibe from me during the session. That was interesting to hear. Many folks have been saying that they think I’m carrying a boy, but hearing it from Kala seemed to hold more weight. Maybe it’s her intimate knowledge of the body and all of the hours she spends with her hands on flesh, prenatal and not. Either way, it was sort of like a fortune teller gave me the news…and who doesn’t want to believe in fortune tellers? The last massage I had from Kala was February 28th, 2007. My water broke that night and Clare was born two days later. I’m telling you, she has some magic hands!

This weekend, my best friend from high school, Caren, is coming for a very quick visit. In town from Park City, UT for an education conference in Denver, Caren will spend Saturday afternoon and evening with us in Boulder. Unfortunately, her flight back to UT is Sunday morning, but we’re really looking forward to seeing her.

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