End of an Era

April 17, 2009

I’ve thought about this before, but on Wednesday, while spending the day with Clare, it really started to become more real. Our time with Clare –just the three of us– is soon coming to an end, and it makes me sad. These mother/daughter days that we have each Wednesday will no longer be for just the two of us. We are soon to be a trio on Wednesdays with the new baby’s arrival in mid-June. Our family of three will be a family of four and while this has always been a planned event, the reality of it is really starting to hit home.

Clare will likely have no memories of these early years in her life. Her earliest memories will probably start with her life with a sibling. She won’t remember that we were once a threesome and will instead always know as as a foursome. I guess, in some ways, that’s good for her and not something she can take with her into her one day therapist’s office, with tales of, “I remember the day they brought home the other kid and, boy, did that suck.” Sure, she might have some of these feelings as a toddler when we do bring home a screaming, pooping, little potato, but she likely won’t even remember that day. I hadn’t really expected these feeling though, which is why I write about them. They were a surprise side-effect of pregnancy.

Wednesday was a great day though. Clare is really a lot of fun right now and definitely one of my favorite people to spend time with. She makes me laugh and her hugs and kisses are powerful enough to melt even the hardest of people. The fact that she gives them so freely is proof positive that her heart is so open. Every day when we pick Clare up from daycare, she goes from child to child saying goodbye to her classmates –giving each one a hug. I’m pretty sure that Clare is the only kid that does this upon leaving each day and it’s incredibly endearing, of course.

In the last month or so, she has really solidified her grasp on numbers. She easily recites the numbers from one to 10 and can actually count things. Meaning, her comprehension of 1-10 is not just a memorization, but she knows what one apple looks like versus three. The kid can count, I tell you. Her grasp of the alphabet is coming along, too. For some reason, that seems harder (to me), because not only are there 26 letters in the alphabet, but the capital and lower-case ones look different from one another so there really are 52 letters to learn. She definitely knows the letter “C” and calls it “mine” whenever she sees it in books, on shirts, etc. Clare is also singing the A, B, C’s and usually gets to somewhere in the middle before starting over at A again.

My 36th birthday was last weekend and Justin surprised me by arranging for his mom to fly out and watch Clare while we flew to NYC for the weekend. It was a great trip. We stayed at the W in Midtown East, saw the show “Chicago” in front row seats, had dinner with an old friend of Justin’s, ran into an old friend of mine, ate at the Gotham Bar & Grill (delicious) and slept in both mornings. It was wonderful.

Clare did amazing with her Nanny while we were away and greatly enjoyed the Easter basket Nanny gave her. Here she is with a blissful grin enjoying m&m’s and jelly beans from the basket.

On the pregnancy front, I am about to finish my 32nd week. Eight weeks to go until June 14th.

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May 13th, 2009

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