Four More Weeks?

May 18, 2009

In many ways it’s hard to believe that we are already in the middle of May. But, for those that have seen me lately and the size of this belly I am hefting around, one would think that it’s the middle of August, and I am two months overdue! Of course, getting comments such as, “Are you sure you’re not carrying twins?” doesn’t help the ol’ self-esteem much either. Seriously people, do you not know better than to ask a pregnant lady such a thing?

This weekend marked the end of week #36 and the beginning of #37. Yes, I know I am getting “close,” but honestly to think that there are FOUR more weeks of this is a bit depressing. I am ready for our newest one to make his/her arrival –even though I know it will mean night-time feedings, craziness in our household, etc. Whatever. I say, “bring it,” and let’s get the show on the road.

We had our doctor’s appointment this morning where we saw Dr. Swartz, who we’ve chosen to fill in for our regular OB, Dr. Jensen (out on maternity leave). Swartz actually delivered Clare two years ago as she was the on-call doctor, so we feel pretty comfortable about her handling the remainder of this pregnancy. Everything looked good, she said, but the baby’s belly during the ultrasound was measuring big so we are going later this week to get another measurement/ultrasound. Nothing too alarming, they just want to be prepared for the labor, should the baby actually have the buddha belly it appears to. For us, it means another look at the baby come Thursday morning when we have the follow-up appointment scheduled. Meanwhile, baby #2 is head down, face up, and sitting in my uterus froggie style–just like Clare did.

Clare is doing great. She continues to make us laugh daily at the things that she says. We’re making some progress on the potty training front, which is also a good thing. Some of the kids in her class and one good friend who lives in our neighborhood are close to being potty trained and the peer pressure is working! Just last night, before beginning our bedtime routine, I asked Clare if she wanted to try and make pee pee. While Justin and I folded laundry, I peered out of our bedroom and watched as she marched herself into the bathroom, pulled her shorts down, took off her diaper, sat on the potty and took care of business! ALL BY HER SELF! She was quite proud of her performance, too, and together the three of us celebrated the accomplishment.

Hopefully, she will continue on this path and the arrival of her sibling won’t set her back. We figure that once baby #2 is 2-3 months old, we will try to put Clare into panties and make the big push to fully potty train. We’ll see.

Over the weekend, we managed to squeeze in a lot of activity. We hit up the Sunflower Farm (a Clare favorite) for a friend’s birthday party. Clare had been (and still is) singing happy birthday to Lucy all of the time. Clare loved feeding the goats and would have done that all day, had there not been cupcakes and hot dogs to lure her away from the bucket of corn.

We had a babysitter Saturday night and got out with the Bieners for some bbq. Justin and I even stayed out later and indulged in some Ben & Jerry’s before going to see a friend’s bluegrass band play at a local bar. Sunday morning, my girlfriends honored me by getting together for a baby #2 brunch at Q’s in downtown Boulder. I am fortunate to have such good girlfriends and they’re a great support system. In the afternoon, following a playdate with Nolan & Francis Kelly, Justin and I left Clare at home napping with a babysitter while we snuck out to see the new Star Trek (awesome!) movie.

Meanwhile, Justin hit up Home Depot and Target, fixed our sprinkler system, unpacked more books to go on his newly hung office bookshelves, planted new lavendar bushes, and whipped up pancakes for a tasty breakfast one morning. I have an amazing husband.

This Friday, our friends Caren & Scott MacClelland arrive with their kids, Chase (almost 5) and Gracie (almost 3) to stay the weekend with us. We’re looking forward to the full house, the Boulder Creek Festival, watching the kids play together, and having a bbq at Chautauqua Park with a bunch of families.

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