Sharp Objects

May 27, 2009

Clare had two run-ins today with sharp household objects where I found myself saying, “Yea, you’re going to have to remember this.”

First Incident: This morning, shortly after putting on a new summer dress, Clare wanted the tag cut out. I had already removed the price tag and another laundry tag, but she wanted the brand-name tag removed, too. (Lord help us she doesn’t become one of those texture-challenged children that has to wear her socks inside out due to the seams driving her crazy.) Justin was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready and I was making my way into the bedroom to begin my daily morning battle with my pregnancy wardrobe. That’s when Clare decided to go into the top drawer of her dresser and take out the pair of scissors we keep there for tag removal and other cutting chores. She retrieved the scissors and carried them into the kitchen to hand over to Daddy. (Hi, sharp objects in my 2 yr old’s hands. Oops.) Mental note: Keep those scissors OUT of her room.

Second Incident: Later this morning, while awaiting the arrival of a friend for a scheduled playdate, Clare and I were playing make-believe. She was “shopping” she said for food and had decided that she was going to buy pizza. She then determined she needed a knife to cut the pizza. While I played the role of bad mother and turned my back for a few minutes, Clare went into the kitchen, into the top silverware drawer, and removed a knife. (Second sharp object in my 2 yr old’s hands inside an hour.) When I reminded her that knives were for Mommy’s and Daddy’s to use, she took this as cue to begin RUNNING with said knife into the bedroom. Fortunately, no one was hurt or impaled. (I know, I am winning all kinds of parenting awards today, believe me.)

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May 29th, 2009

Hey, you can’t win ‘em all! When my sisters were toddlers, they got in a fight and ran around the house cutting each others’ hair.

True story. It’s a miracle they both still have any brain matter considering what toddlers are capable of with scissors. So don’t worry, these things happen, it’s in no way a measure of your parenting =)

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