Still Waiting…

June 19, 2009

No baby. Not yet. Still waiting.

We’ve tried everything that one can imagine to help coax this baby to come out of its very comfortable home. Monday and Tuesday of this week I checked off acupuncture. I’ve also eaten spicy food, drank castor oil, eaten pineapple, eggplant, gone for hour-long walks, and whatever else is on “the list.” Still, no baby.

On Wednesday, I decided (after reading about induction methods online from 4-6am) that I wanted to postpone the June 19th induction date. I figured that as long as the baby was doing okay in-utero, who was I to kick him/her out before he/she was ready? My impatience, I decided, wasn’t reason enough to induce.

So, instead of going in this morning for an induction, we went in to meet with Dr. Swartz and to make sure that the baby is doing fine. First, they ran an NST, where the baby’s heartrate is externally monitored. Next, we had an ultrasound, to check the level of amniotic fluid. According to Swartz, I have “plenty of fluid.” She also predicted that the baby is seven and a half pounds, which both Justin and I snickered at (we are sure this baby is at least 8lbs like its sister, Clare was). Finally, in an exam room, I had a vaginal exam to check for dilation and to have my membranes stripped (for the THIRD time). At least I had made some progress…I am now 3cm dilated.

We discussed induction again and concluded that if this baby doesn’t come before next week, then we will induce on Wednesday, June 24th. That is a whole 10 days late…enough of a grace period, if you ask me.


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June 19th, 2009

Big sis looks adorable and as ready as her mom must be! Glad to hear you didn’t give in to impatience. That baby knows when to make the big entry…s/he just wants to make it a big old Surprise! Sad we’ll miss the day, for sure.

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