Long Overdue

July 9, 2009

Yes, finally! I am terribly overdue (runs in the family, obviously) on publishing this post.

On the evening of June 21st, I began what would be a very short labor at around 10:30pm. Laboring at home until almost 3am, we headed to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. I was 5cm dilated. The nurse called the doctor and told her that we were happy to have my waters broken if that would expedite things. Our doctor came in at 4am, checked me again (I was at 6-7cm and fully effaced) and broke my water at 4:15am. The next hour was INTENSE and INSANE and it all seems like a fog now. Our gorgeous and perfect daughter was born (without any drugs) on June 22nd at 5:29am after some wicked labor and two pushes. Weighing 8lbs and 7oz at 21 1/2 inches long, Bryce Anne Shacklette, was finally here (only EIGHT DAYS LATE).

Of course, looking at this absolute miracle…she was worth the wait. bryce

Since June 22, our lives have been, well, crazy. Now, when I say, crazy, I don’t mean in the “please-check-me-into-the-loony-bin” kind of crazy. I mean that we were all in a routine with Clare, our eldest, and shining star before Bryce’s arrival. Since Bryce’s birth, we have been trying to get back to that normalcy of everyday life with our “plus one.” It’s been an adjustment (more on Clare’s adjustment later), but we are managing and everyone has succeeded in getting fully dressed each day and swallowing at least one nutritional thing. I call that a success. Of course, bathing has become a little more infrequent, but hey, we figure it’s summer anyway and Clare’s getting in plenty of slip-n-slide time at school so that’s gotta count for something, right?

We’ve done our best to try and keep Clare’s life as “normal” as possible, which means that she continues to go to school four days a week and can I just say, “THANK GOD,” for that without sounding like a terrible mother? Honestly, I don’t know how other moms have done it all of these centuries–caring for a newborn with a toddler at home. It’s hard on those days when Clare is at home and thankfully, I’ve got the best husband in the universe, which enables us to have man-to-man coverage of our two girls.

Clare has been very excited about her new little sister and upon coming home everyday comes running into the house asking, “Where’s Bryce?” as if she might suddenly disappear as quickly as she came into the world. Of course, Clare has done her fair share of acting out but she is also two years old so, really, who’s to say that it’s all directly related to Bryce? Regardless, while we have seen an increased number of time-outs in our household, we are trying to give Clare as much undivided attention as we can. So far, Bryce has been pretty accommodating in that mission.

There’s so much more to say, but I fear that this post might go on forever, so I will just say that in my brief years as a parent, I have heard other parents talk about explosive poops–the kinds that hit the walls and end up everywhere. I had never really experienced that kind of display before…until TODAY. Yes, while changing Bryce’s diaper, she had the most explosive poop I’d ever seen and I had her feet positioned up over her head at just the right angle, I guess, in order for her to shoot mustard yellow (the dijon variety) across the changing table and onto the wall, hitting, me, her hamper, and the floor in the process. Wow.

…And you thought I was going to wax poetic about my expanding heart or something else equally as emotional. More on that another day. In the meantime, I leave you with these heart-warming photographs of the first days of Bryce’s two and a half week old life.

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