8 Weeks In

August 17, 2009

As I write, eight-week old Bryce is asleep in her crib. I count this as a small victory seeing as a week ago, I would still be sitting in her room, cradling her swaddled body, rocking her to sleep. Late last week we decided that it was time for Bryce to take a step forward and begin to learn how to put herself to sleep. Granted, we didn’t start this process with Clare until she was 12 weeks old, but thankfully Bryce has been a good student and is picking it up fairly quickly with not much resistance.

The past eight weeks have been a bit of a blur and I wish that I were doing a better job of chronicling it all here, but that’s something to work on, I know.

Bryce has woken up from her newborn haze and in the last couple of weeks has been giving away smiles to those that want ‘em.  Newborns are tough little bosses, so it’s only natural to feel like you are getting a huge pat on the back when their faces light up and flash you a toothless grin. Last week, while I held a sleeping Bryce in my arms, I was given a glimpse of something really awesome yet to come. In her sleep, Bryce let out a big ol’ giggle, “he he he” and my heart melted into a pool on the floor. Nothing is better than a giggling baby. Nothing.

Clare continues to make us laugh on a daily basis as is the job of any good toddler. She has developed this great sense of humor and has a flare for the dramatic.(Hmmm…wonder where she gets that from?) The amount of affection and love that she shows for her sister is pretty unbelievable, too. Bryce is the recipient of numerous hugs and “moochies” everyday from Clare. And, it’s definitely noteworthy to mention that when Clare finds her self hurt or upset, it’s often giving Bryce a hug that makes her feel better. Who knew the power of a baby?

In other big Clare news, we have officially entered into the “Big Girl Panties” era. Yes, Clare has made some pretty large jumps into the world of potty training and now wears panties every day (except for naps and nighttime). While she definitely has accidents (mostly when she’s having too much fun and doesn’t want to stop playing), she really has done great and we are so proud of our “big girl.”

My in-laws were out for a visit this month and it was so wonderful to have them here. They loved meeting Bryce and spending quality time with both of their granddaughters. We were psyched to have the extra sets of hands, and were able to get in some much needed Mommy/Daddy time. The fact that Clare is so comfortable with her grandparents helps greatly, too. While they were here, Clare would wake up in the morning and ask, “Where’s Granddad? Where’s Nanny?” And for me, a nursing momma, who spends 24/7 with Bryce, it was fantastic to be able to nurse Bryce and then hand her off to the loving arms of her grandmother! I got in a haircut, some errands ALONE, and was able to read and relax. We’re all looking forward to their next visit!

The pregnancy weight is still wrapped securely around my midsection, unfortunately. I actually went out on my first run in 9+ months yesterday, and now I am nursing some sore knees (go figure). Guess the old infrastructure ain’t so psyched about having to heft the extra lbs. Justin is quick to remind me that it took longer than eight weeks to take off the weight I gained with Clare, but knowing that I am not going to be pregnant again (Yes, we are stopping at two lovely girls!), I am more anxious this time to shed the weight and get back to my old figure. One pound at a time, I know.

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September 4th, 2009

Great smile little Bryce…it’s almost as big as big sister’s smile! Keep making your mama happy girls.

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