Happy Three Months, Bryce!

September 22, 2009

Today Bryce is three months old. It’s hard to believe that three months has already come and gone. I can remember vividly in those early weeks praying for these months to fly by so that we could quickly skip past the rough nights and newborn phase. Of course, now I am recognizing that I need to be careful of what I wish for because too soon that little turkey will be walking and I’ll wonder, “Where did my little baby go?”

Bryce is really a great baby and we are incredibly lucky to be handed another “easy” kid. We have witnessed repeatedly what other parents have to sometimes go through when their second child arrives and is so much different than their first. Of course, Bryce is only three months old so we’re not seeing really who she will become and what kind of personality she’ll develop. Will she be outgoing and stubborn like her sister? Or, will she blaze a path all her own. Time will tell, I know.

In the meantime, this little charmer is full of smiles and happy 98% of the time. She sleeps well and is easy to put down. I still marvel at how easy it is with her and expect at any moment to be faced with a screaming tired child. So far, we’re in the clear on that one as she is a graduate of the learn-to-put-yourself-to-sleep training school. Phew.

Last night, after dinner, we went for a family walk while Clare road her bike. I had Bryce in the Bjorn facing out for the first time. She was a happy little clam checking out the world. So far, she’s taken well to new experiences. Over the weekend, we went to the pool (another first for Bryce) and she relaxed in the water as if she were in a hot spring.

Happy three month birthday, Bryce. We’re all watching to see how great your next three months will be.

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