On her way to a YELLOW! bike

September 25, 2009

“Uncle” Simon came to visit earlier this month, and as a special treat he took Clare to the toy store to pick out a present for her. They apparently had a great time playing in the store but when it came time to choose something to take home, Clare was not interested, and instead said she wanted to come back another time. Oh, and she wanted a YELLOW! bike with pedals. Well, this particular store does not carry bikes and Clare already has a Strider bike which, at that point, she had not been riding much at all.

Things have changed since then and now Clare loves to ride her Strider. In literally a week’s time, she has gone from tentative rider who would straddle the bike instead of sitting on it to speed-demon who likes to hop on and off curbs. We couldn’t be more excited. And, almost every night this week we have gone for after-dinner walks so that she could get her bike fix in before bed.

Now, we just need to figure our where we can buy a YELLOW! bike small enough for our little racer.

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