April 9, 2010

I said I was going to be better about updating my personal blog, and here I go letting more than two months pass without writing a thing here. Of course, I have been quite busy with, oh, LANDING A NEW JOB, and all, but still—I said I’d post more regularly. Oh well. It’s not the first time I didn’t keep a new year’s resolution.

Yes, lots has happened since late-January. Our baby girl, Clare, turned the big THREE on March 2nd. I started a new job as the Social Media Manager at Crocs in mid-March and said ADIOS! to Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. It was a good month, indeed.

Bryce is now nine months old and for the last month and a half has been crawling up a storm and pulling up to stand on anything that’s immobile. For a few weeks there Bryce was teething terribly and then finally FOUR of her top teeth appeared and poof! her attitude changed greatly. For a period of about two weeks she was also waking up between 12am and 2am and crying anywhere from 45 minutes to more than an hour. It was brutal. We went in for her nine-month appointment and the pediatrician identified a slight ear infection and put her on antibiotics (her first time). She loved the pink medicine and while it didn’t seem to instantly solve for the night waking issue, things finally did seem to improve.

As Bryce has become more mobile, Clare’s behavior toward her sister has changed slightly, too. She still adores her sister, but has started to become more physical with her by taking toys from her, pushing her out of the way, and other like behaviors. It’s been a disciplinary challenge dealing with this, but not unexpected, I guess.

Clare continues to morph into a little girl and is really great company one-on-one. She is well-spoken, inquisitive, has a great sense of humor, and is sharp as a tack! For her birthday, Clare told us she wanted to have her friends Lyra, Clara, Georgie, Nolan, Avery and Rosemary at her party. We hosted the six children at our house on Sunday, March 1st (a day before birthday) and had a great time. Ice cream cake and cupcakes were served along with “real” food for lunch. It was awesome and Clare loved being the birthday girl.

This past week, Justin spent his first time away from both girls as he traveled to Las Vegas for business Monday-Thursday. Nervous about his absence, I enlisted the help of a fantastic babysitter to help us out during the dinner time/bed time hours (5:30pm-7:30pm) on those nights. Dani was great and it was DEFINITELY worth it to have another pair of hands around.

And now, it’s freakin’ April already and my 37th birthday is this weekend. How did that happen? I don’t have a problem with aging really. I love birthdays, but it still amazes me that I have been on this Earth for 37 years now. It’s hard to wrap my head around it…really, it is. Anyway, happy birthday to me!

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